Map Carpets by Area Pavimenti

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There’s a lot of life here.

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“Security camera clips that make the news usually show bad things, but Coke decided to ‘look at the world a little differently’ in this heartwarming viral video. They found security camera footage from around the world showing happy moments: people stealing kisses instead of possessions, dealing potato chips instead of drugs, and offering car assistance rather than road rage.” [x]

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“If you say good morning to a man, he will respond “NBah” – “my mother.” He is more or less saying thanks to my mother, I am here to receive your greeting. The female response is even better. Instead of NBah, females say “NSe” (like Nsay) – “my power.” Thanks to my power as a female I am here to receive your greeting.”

      — 5 Reasons Why Bambara is one of the Coolest Languages on Earth

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Marvel’s Angel:

Love of my life. Forever in my heart.

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